(Vervuld) PepsiCo - Business Analyst Nutrition

Main purpose of the role:

Propel growth through superior and differentiated Analytics Insights & Foresight:

  • Objective performance diagnosis, focussed on maximising growth opportunities
  • Unlock & Apply advanced Analytics to drive future growth & maximizing ROI

Performance Drivers & Teardown

  • Applies deep/granular market specific category, portfolio, brand, competitor, channel and customer analytics to bring clarity on BU external performance and granular drivers down to Account and SKU level across all available KPIs.
  • Translates insights into a clear summary / message and develops a recommended action plan to improve performance
  • Provide for Global/Sector/Category reports, inputs and market granular commentary on performance, drivers, conclusions and actions

Lead completion of all BU LT requests

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Leads MMM & GDM and leverage for Marketing mix, Media & Trade Spend optimization
  • Leads BU price/pack/promotions researches with clear recommendations
  • Develops forecast for market size and share


  • Develops BNL Trend Quarterly Snapshots

Data quality

  • Secure high quality monthly PPD delivery
  • Secure in time and high quality data delivery by Nielsen & GfK (database, ad hoc report requests, etc.)

Functional skills

  • Strong analytical skills, able to see connections in the data, trends and generate insights
  • Ability to translate insights into clear summary / messages and translation towards proposed action plan
  • Experience of problem solving through analysis of multiple complex data sources and insight
  • Super-user of continuous data sets, including all agency software
  • Highly skilled in Excel 
  • Preferably, experienced in category management principles and levers for growth, with particular focus on 4P's

Leadership skills

  • Good presentation skills - able to articulate complex messages in a simple clear way.
  • Questioning nature
  • Able to take an objective stand w. r. to performance & forecast reviews
  • Ability understand the different information needs of the different stakeholder, adjusting the communication message & style accordingly
  • Able to manage multiple stakeholder demands without being pulled off track


Apply online via this link.

Keywords: Vacancy, Full-time, Part-time, Utrecht, business analyst, growth analyst

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