ESOMAR gaat partnership aan met Canadese CRIC

De wereldwijde marktonderzoek associatie ESOMAR gaat een strategische partnership aan met de nieuw opgerichte Canadian Research and Insights Council (CRIC).

CRIC zal de, op de Canadese markt aangepaste, ICC/ESOMAR Code of Conduct, overnemen en zal deel gaan uitmaken van de ESOMARs Professional Standards Committee.

Volgens ESOMAR: "The partnership aims to ensure 'the continued integration of Canadian researchers into the global insights community'. CRIC will be given the full support of ESOMAR's Advocacy and Standards teams 'to ensure continuity of the ethical and practical data collection standards required in the region'. The two bodies will work together to ensure 'the continued value and relevance' of Canada's Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) designation; and say they help former MRIA individual members to join the global body".

ESOMAR standards vormden al de basis van de Canadese standards ten tijde van de voorganger van CRIC, de MRIA. CRIC bestuurslid Member Nik Nanos (Chair of Nanos Research) zal de bestuurscommissie, die de Canadese versie van de gedragscode gaat opstellen, leiden. Daarbij komen ook onderwerpen als privacy, 'political polling disclosure' en 'emerging concerns related to the use of data sources other than surveys', aan de orde.

ESOMAR heeft meer dan 6.000 individele leden met meer dan 600 bedrijfsleden. ESOMARs DG Finn Raben zegt: "The deal 'highlights ESOMAR's commitment to providing support to market researchers across the globe', een verder: 'The partnership between CRIC and ESOMAR will help ensure high standards of ethical collection, use and storage of data, as well as providing support to all market researchers across Canada'.

Voor CRIC, Chairman Barry Watson licht toe: 'Alliances are important in today's environment. Cementing our already excellent partnership with ESOMAR gives CRIC a formal presence in the global marketplace. It also provides a solution for individual research practitioners in Canada that want to follow world-leading standards, have access to great networking opportunities, and a globally recognized pathway for professional development'.


Bron: MRweb, CRIC, ESOMAR, 25 februari 2019

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