Turn FMCG marketing insights into foresights

A new approach to FMCG brand insights is being presented. FMCG marketers will - in a few minutes - be able to exactly understand the reasons behind brand performance and explore the future sales impact of various marketing strategies.

Working directly with all data, and advanced AI aided marketing analysis makes it possible to get the foresights that marketers where not able to see before. After this presentation you will see how easy and user-friendly this should be and can be.

In the FMCG industry marketers are still guesstimating about the future impact of their marketing strategies. It's a tough job to analyze what works and what doesn't. Although marketers may have access to a huge quantity of data, they often lack the tools to create the valuable insights which will make the greatest difference to their future.

The approach that ScanmarQED will present at the MIE enables marketers to continuously understand the impact of their proposed marketing strategies on future business performance. We do this by allowing marketers to easily analyze all their marketing data "in-house", creating smart insights to power better decisions. Aided by our "embedded" machine learning technologies, the output of our solutions is powerful and simple-to-understand. This leads to better quality insights and highly actionable insights. You might think that these kinds of technologies would be tough to integrate and hard to work with, but you'd be wrong.

We know that the best marketing organizations have now adopted an "iterate and learn" process, working in short cycles. They focus on keeping the analysis practical and actionable. During this short presentation, we'll demonstrate how marketers can analyze their data quickly and effectively to ensure they make the right decisions for the future of their brands.

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