Kantar Marketplace Goes Live

Kantar has officially launched its 'Marketplace' on-demand research store, which combines a sample reaching 80 million consumers worldwide with the ability to deliver quick turnaround self-serve custom surveys, insight solutions and expert consulting. Will Galgey will lead it as CEO.

Kantar Marketplace currently offers four tools:

  • Link, a pre-testing solution for TV, digital, outdoor, print or point-of-sale advertising, with a database of around 200,000 ads
  • Ad Now, to evaluate creative across countries and cultures, cross-channel consistency, ad performance, diagnostics and optimal investment levels
  • Quick Polls, to deliver one question to 1,000 respondents in under one hour, and
  • DIY Survey, allowing clients to write and launch their own surveys to a targeted audience in minutes.

Throughout 2019 and beyond, additional solutions will be added including Kantar's innovation and concept testing suite eValuate; corporate PR and brand coverage measure Reputation Intelligence; and Global Monitor, to understand the dynamics of change impacting a business, category, brand and customer. The platform will initially launch across 21 countries and will be expanded to 30 by the end of this month.

Kantar Marketplace CEO, comments: 'The speed at which our clients' competitive environments evolve is ever faster. Kantar Marketplace is a key part of our response; delivering fast and accurate research at a fraction of the usual time and cost. As we launch more solutions in to the store, it will transform the way we engage with, and support, our clients'.

Bron: MRWeb, www.kantar.com, 13 maart 2019.

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