Dynata debuts multi-supplier data marketplace

Digital data collection specialist Dynata has launched a multi-supplier, automated research platform called Dynata Marketplace, through which researchers can combine the firm's first-party consumer data with that of multiple third-party providers.

Users of the new platform can integrate their preferred sample sources, including Dynata's first-party data covering more than 60 million consumers worldwide, through one automated platform. Users can also customise their own private marketplace comprised of preferred consumer data suppliers, rather than requiring them to select each time from a predetermined list of providers.

The platform is accessible within Dynata's Samplify automated research platform, through which clients can create surveys, reach millions of consumers, launch projects 24/7 and watch progress in real-time. Samplify also offers an A-to-Z toolset that includes survey scripting, targeting and selection, data visualization, and analytical tools. Users of Dynata Marketplace can opt for a self-service solution through Samplify's portal, enabling them to use the private marketplace as a DIY tool; or choose a programmatic solution which is fully integrated with their own systems. For those requiring consultative assistance from Dynata's team, there is also the option of a fully-managed service.

Tiama Hanson-Drury, EVP of Product Development, comments: 'Clients who love working with Dynata but want to source survey data from multiple suppliers, have been clear about their desire for a simple, unified access point to Dynata's data alongside that of other data suppliers. We created a private marketplace to meet this need and provide the capabilities researchers want within a single platform, superior to any currently available alternative'.


Source: Press release Dynata, 27 juni 2019

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