WPP verkoopt 60% van Kantar aan Bain Capital

WPP gaat akkoord met de verkoop van 60% van Kantar aan private equity firma Bain Capital. Volgens Kantar CEO, Eric Salama gaat het bedrijf zich richten op de uitbreiding van self-serve research portal Kantar Marketplace en smartphone- en receipt-based purchase behaviour monitor Worldpanel Plus.

Uit het persbericht van Kantar: "As part of the deal, Kantar will be 'carved out' of the wider WPP group by way of a reorganisation, and placed into a holding structure ahead of completion. Eric Salama, who remains as Kantar CEO, comments: 'Our new ownership structure presents a great opportunity for Kantar, our employees and our clients. In Bain Capital we have a partner who shares our ambition, brings relevant expertise and - with WPP - can help us accelerate our growth and impact for clients. We are focused on delivering 'human understanding at scale and speed' and the 'best of Kantar' more consistently. We will do so by investing more in talent and by becoming a more technology-driven solutions provider'."

The transition from WPP is expected to take between six and nine months. Salama told online publication www.businessinsider.in that WPP will have two seats on Kantar's board but that his firm will not rely on WPP for resources. Under WPP's wing the insight division might have spent an annual $30-40m on acquisitions - its share of WPP's $200m per annum war chest - but Salama told Business Insider: 'In a market like ours where analytics, e-commerce and data are at the heart, that wouldn't buy you a lot. There's a real commitment from the Bain Capital people to invest more in acquisitions to help us grow certain parts of the business that we couldn't do organically'.

Volgens MRWeb: "Salama believes that Kantar should focus more on its own offer than on specific competitors: 'What we need to do is be relevant and contemporary, and offer impact and value for our clients. The real competition is not another company'. As part of this, the company intends to expand services such as recently launched self-serve research portal Kantar Marketplace and smartphone- and receipt-based purchase behaviour monitor Worldpanel Plus".


Bronnen: www.wpp.com and www.kantar.com, MRWeb, 12, 16 juli 2019

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