Europe’s most affluent and influential consumers

On June 6th, Ipsos Affluent Intelligence releases the 23rd annual release of the European Affluent Survey. The Ipsos Affluent Survey measures the media and marketing behaviour of Europe’s most Affluent and Influential consumers – the Affluencers.

Here are the key findings from the report:

What makes an Affluencer important?

Europe’s Affluent and Influential have the money to buy big. They are educated and have opinions that other consumers listen to. Moreover, they are early adopters and trend setters, usually twelve months ahead of the curve. No matter where they are based, from Milan to Budapest, they have the power to move markets.

Affluencers love prestigious brands: 67% agree that they do not mind paying extra for quality.

Why international media brands remain the most important avenue for reaching Affluencers

The modern media user can choose from an overwhelming number of outlets, platforms and brands to stay up to date. While the industry increasingly shifts advertising budgets to local media brands, aggregated news channels and programmatic platforms, results from the Affluent Survey Europe 2018 show that international media brands remain crucial to reach these top-level consumers.

In an average month 90% of all European Affluencers consume an international media brand. That is over 47 million of the region’s most Affluent and Influential consumers!

Why media brand engagement matters in a world of fake news

The advent of fake news has made Affluencers, who are naturally brand loyal, even more loyal to their media brands. For an Affluencer, getting truthful, well-researched news is vital. When they build a trusted relationship with a media brand, they often consume it across multiple digital platforms.

12 million Affluent and Influential Europeans consume an international media brand every month on their mobile. 10.1 million consume international media brands on their tablet.

Who do Affluencers trust for their daily information

Not only do Affluent Europeans still consume high levels of international media, they also consider international media brands to be much more trustworthy, impartial and of higher quality than their national competitors, particularly in Southern and Eastern Europe.

What does the rise of social media mean for Affluencer’s media consumption

While Affluencers may not trust social media brands themselves, they will follow their preferred, trusted international media brand on social media.

12.9 million (25%) Affluencers read or watch an international media brand on social media every day and this rises to 39.5 million or 75% every month. 46% follow or like an international media brand on social media.

About the Affluent Survey

In 1995 the Ipsos Affluent Survey Europe (formerly EMS) was designed to expand the Pan European Media market and to allow comparative analyses on a national and multi-national basis. The Ipsos Affluent Survey Europe contained significantly more detailed demographic, classification and marketing data than any other survey available at the time or indeed now.

The Affluent Survey Europe is part of the Ipsos suite of Affluent surveys which now covers Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America and the USA, spanning 50 countries and reflecting approximately 145 million adults. Since its first launch, the Ipsos Affluent Survey Europe has continually evolved and enhanced its methodology. Ipsos interviewed 27,647 Europeans across 21 countries in 2017, each of whom was screened to ensure they passed certain minimum household income thresholds established as representing the Top 13% population.


If you would like to know more about the affluent survey, please download the factsheet.

Source: Ipsos, juni 2018

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